Free yourself from organizational constraints and call on our Concierge service. Breakfast delivery, in-home cook, childcare, boat hire, shopping delivery, sports coach... we'll be delighted to ease your worries during your stay, so you can enjoy even more precious moments with loved ones and the treasures of the Ile de Beauté.

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Artisanal breakfast delivery service in the Porto Vecchio region of southern Corsica. Every morning, the pleasure of a breakfast of fresh produce delivered to your door. Creamy yoghurts, full-fruit jams, fresh fruit juices and crunchy pastries will be waiting for you!

Sports Coach

Want to stay in shape during your vacation in your villa in Porto-Vecchio?
Yoga by the pool, Pilates or fitness classes, or a qualified lifeguard for your children? We'll find the right coach for you.

Grocery delivery

Start lounging as soon as you arrive in Corsica?
We deliver and store your groceries directly in your villa rental in Porto-Vecchio.

Home chef

For a special occasion or to spend a week without the hassle of preparing meals in one of our rental villas in Porto-Vecchio, our experienced, meticulous and discreet Chef will adapt to your needs.


Care at home

What better time to pamper yourself than on vacation in southern Corsica?Beauty treatments, massages, hairdressing at home - let us know what you want.

Child care

An adult beach restaurant?

We offer a childcare service, with trustworthy people only in the Porto-Vecchio area.

Sea outing

We'll find the right boat for you and recommend the best spots in southern Corsica. The boat rentals in Porto-Vecchio with or without skipper. You'll be able to discover the coastline by sea, with its confidential coves and rocky islets for diving and exploring the seabed. 

A sea trip along the coast between Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio is a memorable day out for the whole family.

Mountain walks

Corsica is seen as a mountain in the sea. 

The Porto-Vecchio hinterland is criss-crossed by a multitude of trails of all levels.

Most are accessible without a guide. The Alta Rocca massifThe Alta Rocca massif, bordered by the Bavella and Ospedale massifs and the Cuscionu plateau, whose highest point is the Alcudina at 2134 meters, currently comprises 16 villages, each more charming than the last. It offers a wealth of natural treasures (river, pine and chestnut forests) and heritage sites (ovens, bridges, mills, fountains, etc.).

Don't miss the village of Ospédale and the Aiguilles de Bavella. We'll be happy to advise you.



Dive into the largest basins on the Aiguilles de Bavella!

Various canyoning Canyoning in the Porto-Vecchio regionsuitable for all levels!

The most famous spots in the region are the Pulischellu, Purcaraccia and Vacca canyons. 

Canyons punctuated by jumps, abseils and natural slides plunging you into pink granite basins with transparent emerald waters.

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