Beaches south of Porto-Vecchio: Palombaggia

Palombaggia beach in Porto-Vecchio South Corsica

Welcome to Porto-Vecchio! Corsica's southernmost tip, an exceptional nature reserve, boasts some of the island's most famous beaches...

1° Palombaggia Beach

It's undoubtedly the most famous beach in Corsica - all the guidebooks talk about it! Often cited as one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, it has been voted one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. France's most beautiful beach in 2019. Palombaggia beach is a long, magnificent stretch of white sand about 2km long, bordered by maritime pines and red rocks. In the distance, if you spot small islets on a clear day, you'll see the magnificent archipelago of the Cerbicales Islands. You'll be overwhelmed by the beauty of the landscape and the turquoise waters. At the southern end of the bay, you'll find three renowned beach restaurants: "Tamaricciu", "Playa Baggia" and "Palm Beach".

2° Tamarricciu beach

A direct extension of Palombaggia, discover the smaller but no less magnificent Tamaricciu beach.

Until recently, there was a hundred-year-old pine tree on this beach, encircled by red rocks flush with the water. Unfortunately, it had to be cut down in 2019. It was the symbol of the beach, featured on all the postcards. All that remains is a trunk erected as a totem pole to honor its memory. But the site remains one of the most beautiful in the region.

3° Acciaro Beach

To the south of the bay of Palombaggia, the Acciaro beach is just as charming, but more discreet. You'll appreciate its calm, in a magnificent, more "natural" environment.
Snorkelling enthusiasts will enjoy taking a tour of the beach to observe the underwater flora and fauna, making it one of the most beautiful snorkelling spots in the Bay of Porto-Vecchio.

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